We all agree that Leone Island Music Empire boss Jose Chameleone is a great artist but without any second thought, the late Prince Paul Job Kafeero a.k.a The Golden Boy of Africa was a master, genius, and august in the music business.

Many music critics will love to share their opinions about the two but that is a debate for another day.

Fast forward to the present, I bet very few of you out there got to learn about the day Jose Chameleone and the late Paul Kafeero almost hit the recording booth to record a song together.

The collaboration didn’t happen, however, as both artists failed to commence with the project they had despite spending the whole day at Fire Base’s Fream Studio’s the whole day.

According to veteran music producer Paddy Man, born Paddy Kayiwa Mukasa, that two entered studio and Paul Kafeero told Jose Chameleone to voice first but he feared.

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Jose Chameleone also asked Kafeero to go first but he also declined.

When a few hours went by, they both told Paddy Man to give them a beat but he declined saying he couldn’t give them a beat without knowing what was going on.

After a while, both artistes just checked out of the studio, leaving Paddyman alone.

He awaited their return in vain as they were no where to be seen. When Paddy Man tried to look for them outside, he found that they both had already left.

That way, they ended up aborting the plans of having a collaboration and that is how it never happened till when Paul Kafeero passed on.

Solomon Mwesigwa

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