A section of artists, actors, actresses, and activities have been seen carrying placards demonstrating the cancellation of fellow ailing singer-cum-actress Evelyn Nakabira alias Evelyn Lagu’s concert that was scheduled for last week.

The angry group took the demonstrations at Muganzi Lwaza building in Katwe where Evelyn Lagu was set to hold her concert last week on Thursday.

The group had prior been told that they would only be able to meet the owners of the Muganzi Lwaza building at 2PM today but due to the saddening condition that their fellow ailing actor is undergoing, they couldn’t hold on till the set time.

Shouting on top of their voices, the angry group was clearly heard demanding the Katikiro of Buganda, Charles Peter Mayiga to explain to them why Evelyn Lagu’s concert that was to be held at the building was called off at the last hour despite clearing everything that had been demanded.

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They went on to exert pressure towards the Katikiro, reminding him that Buganda is supposed to create jobs for the youth of Buganda something they seem to be failing to do.

They furthermore asked for the Muganzi Lwaza owners to publicly reveal that creatives are no longer welcome at the venue if it is indeed the case.

Apparently, Evelyn Lagu is still bedridden at Kiruddu Hospital as she undergoes dialysis having collapsed last week after hearing the bad news of the cancellation of her show.

Speaking to journalists on her sick bed, Evelyn Lagu stressed that the calling off of her show did not only leave her hurting but also made her health status worsen yet she had started feelimg a bit better.

Evelyn Lagu explained that she had decided to organize her own show because some promoters feared booking her due to her worrying health condition.

Many promoters reportedly said she needed to recover fully before they can start booking her again. She also explained that sometimes, she would sneak into shows and beg to perform.

At these shows, she would collect money from fans and a few tokens of appreciations from promoters hence deciding to hold her own concert for better finances.

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