Angel Kabera inspires girls to be more than just domesticated women in her new Soetry project, ‘Njabala’

About Kabera

Angel Kabera Amahoro is a Ugandan Poet and Singer, a Mufumbira by tribe and the first of four daughters in her family.

Kabera is a believer in God and the spirit of music. She simply states that art is the only thing that lives on even after we die.

“I believe in God and the spirit of music and poetry. What keeps me going is the simple understanding that art will survive, we won’t,” she told MBU.

The journey to soetry

Kabera’s journey starts out in 2016 when her Literature teacher influenced her to be part of a group of friends that performed at the 1st edition of ‘The Teen Poetry Slam’.

Angel Kabera (Photo: Mr Photographer)

Having always had a passion for music, she fused her newfound love for Poetry and came up with “Soetry”, something she has mastered over the years.

“I started poetry in 2016. My Literature teacher, at the time, coerced my friends and I into performing at the first edition of The Teen Poetry Slam,” she remembers.

“I’ve always been a singer, I only recently merged the two crafts to come up with ‘Soetry’,” Kabera adds.

“Njabala”, the soem

Released on 30th May 2022, Kabera’s newest project dubbed “Njabala” has already won the hearts of many music lovers.

“Njabala” is a young girl whose story has been falsely told all throughout history. Njabala is neither lazy nor wild, she is simply neglected and untamed.

In this blend of spoken word poetry and music, Kabera speaks to Njabala. She must know that she was made for so much more.

She describes it as “a critical take at a Buganda legend about the lazy girl, Njabala, addressing issues of parental neglect.”

Kabera’s new song is also an inspiration to girls with a message for them to be more than just a wife in society.

It is a song of hope but also inspiration to girls. The legend of Njabala looks at the domesticated woman, the soem breaks the shell and allows for the Njabala of today to be a wife and more.

Angel Kabera

Forthcoming EP of Soetry

Soon, Kabera will be dropping her very first body of work, an EP of Soetry before publishing her Anthology.

She told us, “I plan to release an EP of Soetry on Spotify and Publish my anthology. All of this is already in the making. “Njabala” is only a little sneak-peak.”

Kabera’s Favourite Quote

Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today, I am wise, so I am changing myself.


Take a gaze at the Njabala visuals (shot by Priscilla Ainomugisha) below:

YouTube video

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