Are relationships at work an ideal situation between workmates? Beenie Gunter, Crysto Panda, Danra, and Dax Vibez share their opinions:

Crysto Panda

70% I don’t support it, 30% it’s good because you have your partner around you all the time which means there’s some kinda security since you can see what she is doing all the time.

But for a healthy and good relationship, it doesn’t work out.

Beenie Gunter

It’s about personality because when you let your emotions control you most of the time it doesn’t work well with business.

People have to know that when you go to work, it’s not an opportunity for you to start a relationship.

If you’re supposed to start up that relationship, start it for a reason but don’t bring it to someone’s company because most of the time these relationships are started by people who don’t own these companies.


I don’t really consider relationships (at work) at all. You people will always bring personal emotions into the business.

It reaches a point when you don’t respect each other. So I don’t encourage relationships (at work). I’d want to keep it on a friendly basis and business strictly.

Dax Vibez

One has to die! Either the bedroom ting or the stage thing, or both to die out at once. It’s rare that people can sometimes make it work but the biggest percentage like you have seen have failed.

When you get to know that you love someone for example if I’m a manager of a lady (doing the same work), it’s ideal that I hand her over to someone else to manage her.

That other person will keep it professional unlike me who will attach feelings to the work. She might go on stage and call a fan to dance with her and I might beat him up.

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