NBS TV’s KURT presenter Robert Ssekidde alias Tuff B has called out Pastor Aloysius Bugingo to stop attacking fellow city Pastor, Wilson Bugembe for offering secular artists a chance to perform at his album launch which he held last week at Hotel Africana in Kampala.

Tuff B came out to tell off Pastor Bugingo after he appeared to bash Pastor Wilson Bugembe for going down on one knee to thank local traditional herbalist Mama Fiina for the money she gave him while on stage.

Pastor Bugemebe’s act of kneeling down before Mama Fiina didn’t go down well with Pastor Bugingo and in one of the latter’s preachings, he hinted on how bad it was for the former to kneel down for a traditional healer.

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Pastor Bugingo also quoted a verse in the bible which stresses as; “The Bible says that every knee shall bow before God but we saw a Pastor’s knee bowing before a witch,” to back his point.

When Tuff B crossed paths with Pastor Bugingo’s rants, he openly told him how Jesus did not only come for the righteous but for sinners to repent.

Tuff B further lectured Pastor Bugingo on how Church is a hospital for sinners and not a museum for saints.

So you judge another pastor for staging a concert and having “SINNERS” like u call them. Jesus said I have not come to call the RIGHTEOUS but sinners to REPENTENCE Church is a HOSPITAL for SINNERS not a MUSEUM for SAINTS.

Tuff B

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