Leila Kayondo says that she stopped singing about love because of fans who always related her lyrics to her love life.

Starting out with the Dream Girls, Leila Kayondo was a lover of RnB and love songs and throughout her early career, her music was filled with lots of those.

That, however, seems to have changed over the years as she has dropped more ragga songs filled with lyrics about the city nightlife, lifestyles, and other love-unrelated topics in recent years.

Leila Kayondo’s love life has not been a bed of roses following her bitter breakup with SK Mbuga but it is not the reason she hates love songs nowadays.

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In a live video shared on her Instagram page on Friday, Leila Kayondo revealed that she stopped singing about love because each time she did, fans related her music to her life.

She asked her fans to stop always relating her music to her life because she rarely writes her own music and all she does is voice what has been written by other people.

“I stopped singing love songs because you fans always related them to my life. I used to like love songs and my early career had several of them but you made me hate them and I started singing Ragga songs with the support of my papa Jose Chameleone. Stop relating my music to my life. I don’t even write my music,” Leila Kayondo said.

The 34-year-old revealed that she is aware of how much pressure the fans have exerted on her in recent years whilst asking her to release more music.

“I am so talented. I know it. If I’m not talented, why do you insult me then? I no longer go to perform at events with flash disks because these deejays have my music. When I sing, it’s a problem, When I don’t sing, it’s a problem. What do you want me to do?” Kayondo questioned.

She also maintained that she knows that she is talented and that no one is going to force her to release new music because she sings when she wants and hence she will never release music due to pressure.

“I will sing whenever I want. Nobody is going to force me to sing. Nobody has my voice, I will sing anytime I feel like and if I don’t like it, I will delete but I won’t stop,” she concluded.

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