Sheilah Gashumba during a Q&A session on her Instagram revealed that she has no plans of getting kids in the future yet.

In the Q&A session, Sheilah Gashumba answered 17 questions that her followers have always wanted to throw her way.

One of them questioned whether her future plans has kids in them and without a second thought, the NBS TV presenter declined.

“I don’t have plans yet,” was her reply, which did not seem to surprise many as she went ahead to note that wife duties are not for her.

Below is the Question and Answer session:

What’s your view on sex before marriage?

There are no rules in this life. Do what you want!

Are you still in a relationship with Rickman?

Lol. Y’all like asking this question.

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Have you ever dated a white guy?


When you meet your dad, how do you greet him? Do you kneel, hug, or peck?

Hug. Lol, I don’t kneel for anyone. It’s not in my culture.

What is your favorite color? I always make sure I match up my clothes with yours. You inspire me.

I don’t have one. I’m glad I inspire you though. You don’t need to have a favorite color boo.

Beautiful body, how many KGs do you have?

Thank you but this is such a random question. I don’t even know my kilos (laughs). Is it important to know?

We miss your food diaries

I realized wife duties ain’t for me.

Do you have more piercings?

Nipple piercing.

Do you think of getting another tattoo?

Yes. I have six.

What can I do to get your skin complexion?

Lol. I was born like this (laughs).

Do you wish to have kids in the future?

I don’t have plans yet!

How do you handle your work, Sheilah? I see you do a lot of work

Life doesn’t give us other options. You have to work for the life that you want.

How can someone make big sums of money?

Have multiple streams of income. I currently have seven.

When are you starting deejaying? We are waiting for our favorite female deejay on our screens

February 7th

Have you been to America?

Yes. Like five times.

When are you going back to Rwanda?

August 20th for a fashion show.

How often do you have sex in a month?

See wahala (laughs). So people count the number of times they have sex in a month? Lol.


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