A few weeks ago when Ronald Alimpa was accused of snubbing a show he had been booked to perform at in Kasenge at Cabana Bar, he was also accused of assaulting one of the event promoters.

The promoter accused Alimpa of puffing weed in his face while in the singer’s car where he had been forcefully dragged and told pay the singer an extra Shs200k for performing.

Based on those allegations, Ronald Alimpa during an interview was asked if he uses toxic substances. He quickly denied evee using drugs in his life.

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He explained that since he is one of the artists trending at the moment, people will always come up with stories that are negative to taint his brand.

The Seen Don maintained that the last time he puffed weed was in 2016 and it caused him trouble that saw him get arrested and detained.

From that from that moment onwards, he has never used drugs again.

I last used toxic substances in 2016. On that occasion, I was arrested and detained. From that moment, I have never used toxic substances again.

The one thing that I know about drugs is that they give one the hype and vibe to keep going.

Ronald Alimpa

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