Away from her unmissable looks, Ugandan singer Melissa Mulungi has vocals to die for. Her career is taking off smoothly but she too has challenges on her journey toward a very promising career.

About Melissa Mulungi

Melissa Mulungi, real name Melissa Mulungi Nakawunde Bulwanyi Senfuma, is a Ugandan singer currently based in Germany. Born on 19th February 1997, Mulungi has ten siblings.

At three years old, Mulungi was already in the church choir and that is where her love for music started. “I started singing in the church choir from the age of 3,” she told MBU.

She is currently not signed to any label but her most recent song titled “One Life” featuring Benji Kasule is a favorite for many music lovers both in the diaspora and back home in Uganda.

We caught up with the singing beauty to chat about the interesting and challenging points of her promising career:

Where and how did your music career begin, and who gave you the platform?

My music career began in 2020 in Uganda. The platform is more or less self built through social media.

Starting out as a new artist, what are some of the memorable moments that you can never forget?

Artists and producers reacting to my voice and releasing my first single Empire of Love.

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Which were the first major challenges for you and how did you overcome them?

The major challenge is still the cost of music videos and the difference in music promotion in Uganda. Besides that, time and focus (since my priority is university).

How much did your parents contribute to your career?

My father is my number one supporter. His encouragement is incomparable. My mother’s support grew through Make You Proud.

Which is your unforgettable studio memory?

Recording Empire of Love at Banq Records with input from Beenie Gunter and Amber.

Where were you and what were you doing when you heard your song play for the very first time?

I was in my room fighting lockdown boredom and was tagged on Snapchat in a clip of my song being played on the radio.

How did you react to that?

I was very excited and shared my excitement with my social media peeps.

How much were you paid for your first performance? When and where was it?

I have not officially performed anywhere yet.

What do you think is the unique piece in your music that fans love so much?

I would like to believe my music is a breath of fresh air and relatable. It’s a story, a journey.

Has your talent landed you in trouble before

No, thankfully.

How do you choose your team and what do you regard before you employ anyone?

I haven’t employed anyone. Everyone that helps me was already a supporter and they do it out of a good heart and they believe in me.

Apart from a manager, who is a must-have on a celebrity’s team?

As much as I don’t have any, I feel like one should have a Stylist, PR, a band if possible, a Personal Assistant, and a Photographer.

What has changed much in the industry since you joined/started following it closely?

Music Promotion. It’s heavily influenced by social media platforms and presence.

If someone asked what your top 3 contributions to the industry are, what would you tell them?

  1. Authenticity.
  2. Music distribution for various artists.
  3. Transparency and supporter involvement

What is the one piece of advice a younger version of you didn’t consider but should have?

Believing in myself and my talent.

Would you want your children to follow your career path? If so, which step would you wish them to skip?

If they want to, I would fully support them and tell them to live to their full potential to avoid wasting time on things they aren’t passionate about.

Relationships at work. What do you have to say about those? Do you believe they can grow and prosper?

Intimate relationships? I wouldn’t know cause I’ve never experienced it. It can be tricky but it can also be easy.

Do you have any regrets in your career?

No regrets, luckily.

What more would you like to achieve?

So much I can’t even pinpoint and list it cause the list is long.

Last piece of advice you would give to the readers that would definitely help them in their respective careers

Believe in yourself and your abilities, and go for it. Don’t start tomorrow, start now! Procrastination is your enemy and fear and doubts are too. Don’t lose focus and don’t lose passion.


Josh Ruby is an Editor with high interest and knowledge in the Ugandan entertainment space, an industry he has been actively part of since 2010. Leads to breaking stories are welcome!

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