The Uganda Musicians’ Association has announced that elections will finally take place on 28th June 2022 following the cancellation of the earlier voting process on 6th June.

The Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) elections exercise on 6th June 2022 was halted due to technical challenges faced with the digital platform sought from National Information Technology Authority (NITA-U).

According to UMA, the glitches in technology rendered the electoral exercise unable to deliver a free and fair result.

A decision was made to halt the process and choose another date for which a more viable method would be used to have the elections.

King Saha hands in his nomination forms to UMA EC Chairman Jeff Ekongot at the Uganda National Theatre

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On 10th June, a resolution was reached by the association’s Policy Board to set 28th June 2022 as the new date the general elections.

UMA announced the development through a press release in which it also revealed that the elections will be held by secret-ballot.

The release also informed that the elections will be carried out at one polling center in Kampala for proper supervision.

The Uganda Musicians’ Association Electoral Committee is apparently preparing fresh polls scheduled for the new dates at the National Theatre Gardens.

Following guidance from the UMA Policy Board, I have decided to organize the polls in the next two weeks so that the association does not continue any longer without leadership.

Mr. Geoffrey Ekongot, Chairman UMA Electoral Committee

Mrs. Sophie Gombya, the Vice Chairperson UMA Policy Board revealed that due to the high cost of organizing country-wide elections, UMA has decided that its members will have to “come and vote from Kampala.”

“It was a difficult decision to make considering the financial circumstance of some of our members, but it was the last option available,” Sophie Gombya added.

The candidates will be expected to continue campaigning and carrying out voter education. Various activities shall be conducted to engage members towards election day.

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