Black Market Records Singer, Songwriter, and Producer Andrew Ojambo alias Daddy Andre says that on each and every song released, the brains behind the projects have a share of 50% on them.

Daddy Andre shared some knowledge he has about music as he was replying to a question about the ratio or percentage a singer, producer, composer, and songwriter deserves to get from music projects.

He also highlighted how the distribution companies do not have to chop any penny from the producers and songwriters’ percentage.

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He explained that the challenge currently being faced by producers in Uganda is that many individuals are not well informed about the laws that govern music and the publishers and most times they end up being cheated.

Daddy Andre also cautioned artists to learn how to evenly split the shares from musical projects with the people they work with.

In Uganda we are not yet well informed about how we can well split the shares from musical projects. Though it has be there by law so that the writers can have their shares and benefit from their creations. It is also the same case with producers and composers.

In the law of music, the writer and producer are supposed to take a share of 50% and the distributor has no authority to chop any penny off their share.

Daddy Andre

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