Isaiah Katumwa hopes that Maurice Kirya’s album ‘The Road To Kirya’ inspires and motivates the Ugandan music industry.

On 6th May 2022, Maurice Kirya released his album ‘The Road To Kirya’ to the eager fans who had taken a while without listening to new music from him.

The self-styled ‘King of Mwooyo’ then treated his fans to a listeners’ party on 10th June where he continued to showcase his vocals.

As the TRTK album makes more strides on different playlists, it has already caught the attention of many music lovers, including fellow artists.

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Celebrated Ugandan jazz musician Saxophonist Isaiah Katumwa is pleased with Kirya’s work. Through social media, he applauded his creativity and hard work.

Maurice thank you so much for this album my friend. THE ROAD TO KIRYA. Not only is it my favorite album currently, it has made me so proud of you man.

I love the international projection, your authentic expression, the production quality, the carefully put together collaborations between some of Uganda’s most gifted instrumentalists and the amazing european musicians.

It is also an excellent fusion of Ugandan modern expression with Ugandan-folk, jazz, RnB, Funk etc. I love love how you out did yourself stretching to the next level. I love every single song bro.

I hope it will inspire and motivate our Ugandan music industry. Thank you again. We got some work to do, hopefully soon.

Isaiah Katumwa

Upon coming across the post, Maurice Kirya expressed his gratitude and how much it means to him for Isaiah to recognize his hard work.

“I’m pleased to read this, thanks Isaiah Katumwa. You paved the way for many Ugandan jazz artists and popularized the genre in Uganda, means a lot hearing this from you,” Maurice Kirya wrote.

The TRTK album is available on different online streaming platforms. You can check ot out too!

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