A few weeks ago, singer Deus Ndugwa alias Grenade Official was arrested and detained on charges of “Criminal Trespass and Threatening Violence” by his ex-lover identified as Kilooto.

Fortunately, he only spent a night behind the coolers and the next morning he was set free after being granted court bail.

Speaking in an interview, he was asked to share the experience he encountered in spending a night in jail.

He disclosed that being detained is not good at all and he does not wish to see anyone being dragged behind bars.

He, however, noted that when he was put behind bars, the inmates he found there were welcoming, and he had a good time with them. He disclosed that they requested him to sing for them which he did.

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When asked whether it was his first time to be put behind bars, Grenade noted that this was his second time.

He explained that the first time he went to prison was due to a fellow prominent artist who got jealous when Grenade was gifted with a pair of shoes by a friend that the undisclosed artist wished for himself.

When Grenade was gifted the shoes, the said artist was pissed to the extent that he wanted to beat him up but he managed to run away from him.

The artist, however, somehow hired a police officer who arrested and detained Grenade on forged charges. Grenade said that he forgave the singer and moved after being released.

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  1. Very Stupid, Policemen/Women are now for “Hire” in Uganda, if so, I Promise, am going to Hire 1No. Policeman to Arrest Mucebeni and charge him for Eating all the Money U.R.A Collects!

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