Good Old Days: Leila Kayondo, and Sully K Mbuga.

Singer Leila Kayondo claims that she has never dated SK Mbuga and all they did was have fun together as friends and business partners.

For the many years that we thought Leila Kayondo and SK Mbuga dated, they were only “enjoying life” and nothing was serious.

Well, at least according to Leila Kayondo, it was only a time in her life where she was enjoying moments with just another man she knew.

Leila Kayondo and city tycoon SK Mbuga were together for about three years from around 2012. On the outside, their bond seemed quite deep.

From spoiling Kayondo with expensive gifts including posh cars and organising parties for her, SK Mbuga also invested heavily into her music career.

At some point, there were even rumors that the two were planning a future together starting with marriage, having kids, and growing together.

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Alas, none of the above really happened. In 2015, the pair bitterly split with the songstress alleging that she was being mistreated.

Despite the tycoon moving on and marrying Vivienne Chebet, Leila Kayondo recently revealed that he has been contacting her and even visiting he home.

In a recent interview with NBS TV’s Kayz, Kayondo continued to sting Mbuga by revealing that she has never dated him.

She claimed that all they did was have fun together and it was nothing serious.

She also noted that Mbuga did not solely invest in her career and she was also hardworking and contributing to her wellbeing.

“I have never dated him. We were just two friends enjoying life. Just know we used to be business partners,” she said before revealing that she regrets ever knowing him.

She also revealed that Mbuga took back whatever he gave her and promised never to talk about him again.

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  1. Wabula, banna-Uganda twetaaga abantu batubaremu ku Magezi, I mean, we used to see these TWO happening together, mbu we were “Friends and Business Partners” mwali mutundaki nyabo, omuter gwo gujjudde Buwunga bwa Muwogo!

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