Following a scuffle between singer Moses Ssali alias Bebe Cool and Afande Captain Namara where the former claimed that the latter almost “shot him” in Ntinda, the two have at last made peace.

Bebe Cool through his socials explained that he met Mr. Namara at the hospital where he had been bedridden and they talked about the saga before deciding to forgive each other for whatever went wrong.

The “Wire Wire” singer claimed that he made peace with Mr. Namara because he prayed and fasted in the past Ramadhan period.

During the five days of fasting, Bebe said that his mind was transformed into forgiving all those that have wronged him.

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He explained that with the recent incident, he remembered what he fasted for thus making up his mind to settle his misunderstanding with Mr. Namara amicably.

He therefore asked his lawyers to withdraw the case that they had filed against Capt. Namara.


I wish to inform the general public that this morning I met with Mr. Namara and we managed to talk about the incident that happened last Saturday in a parking lot.

Throughout the 27 years of my active music life, I have learnt that when you are wronged, it’s always good to quickly think about forgiveness most especially when there is a will from the other party who wronged you and vise versa, because one day you also seek for forgiveness when you wrong someone.

The last Ramadan, I fasted for only 5 days and for the rest of the fasting period, I performed my fidyah and Kaffara but one thing that came to my mind those five days was to forgive all those who wrong(ed) me.For that matter, I called my lawyer Mr Sempala of KSMO and asked him to withdraw all my cases from all the different courts of law.

This gave me peace of heart and it’s from this background that I decided reconciliation with afande Namala is the best course of action.And fortunately he(Namala) even had the same feeling.

It’s the spirit of UBUNTU.

Whatever happened at the parking lot was an accident and we both take responsibility for our reactions that led to an outburst that we believe was uncalled for.

Unfortunately both our jobs require us to be outside in the night and yet alot happens then.

We met and got to know each other and thanks to Allah we are both alive. I’m always open to reconciliation because its a major key to peace.

We fully regret the panic and inconvenience if any was caused to the public.

Thank you and good luck.

Bebe Cool

Solomon Mwesigwa

Easy but not talkative, Music Lover, DM for any leads in local entertainment.

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