Earlier this week, Producer Eddie Dee of Acton Records made news headlines when his landlord locked him outside his studio for two good days over accumulated rent arrears.

In interviews conducted with the “Malamu” hit producer, Eddie Dee was seen with tears rolling down his cheeks pleading to be helped by fellow producers and artists to overcome his troubles.

Based on his landlord, Eddie Dee is choking on a debt amounting to Shs4m that he failed to pay for a full year.

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When the president of the producers association Rinex was contacted about Eddie Dee’s situation, he put the blame on fellow producers for being “lazy, disorganized, and careless.”

Producer Rinex went on to claim that producers shouldn’t use the excuse of artists for failing to pay their rent as a scapegoat.

He questioned why an established producer should work for any artist on the basis of goodwill and on credit.

He called out local producers to stop behaving in such a manner noting that he receives several of such calls every single month.

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