Deejay Bexx is unhappy that Juliana Kanyomozi picked the same date as the B2C Entertainment to stage her concert having done the same to Rema Namakula in 2013.

At the start of the year, following the lifting of the lockdown, the B2C Entertainment trio announced how they were to hold a concert on Friday 19th August 2022.

On Monday 27th June, Juliana Kanyomozi announced that she will also be holding her concert at Kampala Serena Hotel on the same date.

Immediately after Juliana’s announcement, social media was awash with the debate about which of the two concerts will be successful.

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Some netizens questioned why she chose a date that had already been booked by the B2C Entertainment trio.

Others, however, saw nothing wrong done by the diva as they maintained that all artists can go on to have successful concerts because they each have their ardent fans.

Popular city Deejay Bexx a.k.a Bexx aDJ was, however, not pleased with Juliana Kanyomozi’s act.

He revealed how the songstress has made it a habit of always picking dates that have already been booked by other artists.

Bexx gave an example of 2013 when Juliana picked the same date – 18th October – which Rema had booked for her Kukaliba concert to stage her own Eddiba concert.

The deejay maintained that despite Juliana and the B2C Entertainment trio having different fans, setting concerts on the same date affects them.

This is the second time Juliana is putting up a date when another artist has put up a date. First was with rema and now this.

They may not have the same target crowd but still it affects bog time. Anyway, all the best to all. It’s a pity.

Deejay Bexx

What do you make of his submission?

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