Actors Ethan Kavuma and Zion Kente have gone public with their love affair and the internet is buzzing!

In the trending local series dubbed “Sanyu” (Season 3), Ethan Kavuma and Zion Kente play their roles as George and Crystal respectively.

“Sanyu” tells the story of an innocent, rural teenage girl who has to leave her family and education behind to do a maid’s job for a complex, wealthy urban family, where she falls for the young son of the house.

Two wowing actors from this season might just have just fallen victim to cupid’s arrows and they are not shy of letting the world know.

For a couple of weeks now, Eth and Zion have been inseparable and always effortlessly enjoying each other’s company.

Their complementary fashion choices make twins of them but as far as we might already tell, it is beyond just wearing each other’s favorite colors.

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They do not miss a good brunch plot in Kampala and they will spare a few minutes to take cozy photos together – even bathroom selfies.

I love you as certain dark things are to be loved, in secret, between the shadow and the soul.

Pablo Neruda

Their social media is littered with photos and videos of themselves together and on Snapchat, they go an extra mile of snogging in public.

As soon as the news of their special bond found its way online, the social media inlaws pulled out their FBI badges and began questioning.

“Is it in the series oba mu real life cuz all along I thought Ethan was dating Vannie Linda! And now who is this one? The way I loved Vannie for this guy. I want to even cry,” Luiz K. Mahoe commented on a photo of Eth and Zion that we shared on Facebook.

As expected, the “it will end tears” brigade is also already on duty but so are the “you look good together” foot soldiers.

Er…there is also another force lamenting, “This must be a gig. He is doing way too much in such a short space. What does he have to prove to us?”

Whichever team you might want to subscribe to, these two are flames and we are here for it all. Finally, a young couple that will keep our eyes glued to the screens.

Go Zeth!

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