Shifah Musisi boasts two studio albums that have distinguished her from the rest of the pack and in this piece we take a look back at the magic she created on the “Olugendo” album.

With the first single released in 2015, Shifah Musisi’s 7-track album “Olugendo” was officially released in 2017.

It was her first album before the recently released album dubbed The Dark & Happy Times.

On “Olugendo”, audio production, songwriting, and video production was done by the likes of Sam Bisaso, Allan Okiya, Legend P, Janzi Band, Gideon Kizito, Meddie Menz, and Kanyne.

“My music is meant to tap into people’s feelings, all those feelings they are afraid to get in touch with.”

Shifah Musisi

About “Olugendo” the Album

Most of my songs off the OLUGENDO album are of the Afro-Soul genre. Shifah Musisi describes it as “a love album.”

“It explores the different things I love like siblings, musical instruments, and the village life, among others,” she notes.

Sanyu Lyange

“Sanyu Lyange” is a Luganda word that translates to “My Happiness”. It is a love song that explores the feelings that come with and around the person you love.

Endongo Yange

“Endongo Yange” is a song about musical instruments. Shifah Musisi is a lover of the Guitar. She says it gives her the most inspiration and is her favorite instrument. It’s impact is unmissable in the song!


“Owoluganda” translates to “My brother/sister”. It is a song about love and the impact siblings have on our lives. Musisi explores the childhood memories with her siblings up to date.


“Olugendo” means journey. “Hardships come with a different journey and this song is to assure anyone going through hardships, in their journey, that they will be victorious,” the singer notes.


Muntumulamu is a special song Sharifah Musisi wrote for her mother and father who departed. It is also a dedication to people who miss their fallen departed ones. She says, “It’s about people who are not with us anymore but continue to impact our lives.”


“Mukyalo” is a Luganda word for “Village”. Shifah Musisi’s love for the clean air, togetherness, simplicity, and peace that come with being in the village is expressed in this song.


“Nkusubiza” translated to English means “I promise you.” It is a promise to laugh, play, and love your special person till the end.

The album “Olugendo” is available on most online music streaming platforms.

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