Singer Leila Kayondo has distanced herself from allegations that suggest she uses drugs and other toxic substances.

While appearing on Sanyuka TV, Leila Kayondo defended herself by explaining that the people fueling the allegations and rumors are her haters who don’t wish her well.

Kayondo is sure of one person who is even funding the spread of falsehoods about her and baseless propaganda.

I have heard allegations of people saying I use drugs. I am very sure it is only one person behind all the propaganda and as well funding its spread.

Leila Kayondo

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When asked to narrate how her and SK Mbuga met to became very close friends, Leila explained that her friendship with Mbuga dates way back from their childhood.

She revealed that while they grew up, their grandparents were very close and best of friends thus the birth if their bond.

She declined to disclose why they parted ways stressing that the issues are confidential.

She went ahead to reveal that even though SK Mbuga gives her money, she can’t reconcile with him.

SK Mbuga and I were friends right from childhood. His Grandmother and my Grandmother have been best friends but we separated and I will not explain why.

Leila Kayondo

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