The music scene in Uganda is buzzing with a crop of young talents eager to push the industry to greater heights.

The Jam Factory UG is made up of the two talented artists who hail from Entebbe and have the zeal to take over the industry.

We caught up with them to find out more:

For those who don’t know, who are the Jam Factory musicians?

We are Ivan Mayanja (Kezz Wizzy) and Alexander Mayanja (RPG Kikompola), 23 and 21 years of age respectively.

What is dynamic between you two?

The natural born original talent inside us. It sparks a lot of energy that inspires our musical ideas.

Who has the final say?

God who manifests through our manager Dj Senior B, giving us a lot of guidance.

Who are some of your biggest influences?

Fred Mercury, Bobi Wine, Lucky Dube, Prince Paul Job Kafeero, to mention but a few.

How did you guys get into music?

We are driven by passion from childhood. We find ourselves siding with music from all other things. With age, the talent has been groomed, big up on the teacher Dj Senior B.

What Ugandan music style influences you?

The Rub-a-Dub style. Thanks to the very many talented producers we have in the country, who have mastered the Variety Fusion style mainly known as Kidandali or Afro Beat.

What were your parents into?

Our father John Baker Mayanja (RIP) was a UPDF serviceman and our mom Gibwa Maria Mayanja (RIP) was a staunch Christian and housewife.

At what point did you realize this music thing was for real?

In high school. From miming songs to recording original compositions. Thanks to all our OB’s and OG’s not forgetting family who pushed us forward with support.

You just released a new single about a month ago “Sweet” and “Deal Ya Mu Diiro”, how has the fan reception been?

We can’t thank our fans enough. Thank you so much. They support us and share their love with us.

Some have come out to promise us unconditional love. The reception is deeply welcoming.

Where do you see yourselves in the next five years?

Jam Factory UG Will be an established music camp/record label in the next five years with the strongest fan base strategically.

How do you plan on preserving Ugandan sound as you continue to build your name?

By looking out for those unique producers with the same music mind of preserving our Ugandan sound.

This will give our sound international platform because we plan to maintain both our local and international fan base (While I hint you into our unopened envelope, we are about to unleash a new touch called The Mashup that will brightly shine more on the uniqueness of Ugandan Sound).

Anything else you want to let us know?

Yes, the Jam Factory Music ride is intending to be fun and full of life. We plead with all of you out there to please join us by subscribing to our YouTube channel ‘Jam Factory UG’ so that you don’t miss out on all our latest projects. Let’s keep the bond strong.

Solomon Mwesigwa

Easy but not talkative, Music Lover, DM for any leads in local entertainment.

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