Allan Hendrik believes singer King Saha does not deserve the title of a King and that he should change his name to “Queen Saha.”

The war of words between the Gagamel Phamily and Kingslove Entertainment continues to deepen.

When King Saha hit out at Bebe Cool through his song Zakayo, he must have totally ignored the fact that the aged singer had his majje in his household.

Saha was quickly sent a hard-hitting reply by Bebe’s son Allah Hendrik a.k.a Paper Daddy who urged him to respect his elders through Matayo.

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Hendrik then hit studio again and released another beef song dubbed Story ya Semanda hitting at King Saha.

Throughout, Saha has intentionally avoided shifting his focus to Hendrik but the 27-year-old isn’t about to lower his guns.

While appearing at a recent interview on Sanyuka TV, Hendrik said that Saha is not deserving of the “King” title because the industry has its own known kings.

He hence decided to refer to the former Leone Island singer as “Queen Saha” something which sent the hosts of the show into laughter.

“People need to respect our industry. We have Kings in our industry and Saha is not one of them. That one is ‘Queen Saha’ not ‘King’,” Hendrik said.

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