Azawi’s manager Sir Jaylor reveals that “Bamututte” is a song about her previous relationship and that the singer did it justice.

Artists often have different inspirations before grabbing a pen to write new stuff or hitting the studio to record new music.

Usually, inspirations come from what they encounter in their daily lives but sometimes they put their imagination to work and create magical storylines.

In her new song titled ‘Bamututte’, Azawi was inspired by a past love experience of her manager at Swangz Avenue, Birungi Jaylor a.k.a Sir Jaylor.

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Written by Azawi herself, ‘Bamututte’ is a song about a woman who loses her man to another woman with a better body.

“She taking my man, she taking my man cuz she got a good body,” goes part of the chorus which is visually expressed to perfection in the video that was released on 8th July.

Through Twitter, Sir Jaylor revealed that the lyrics are about her previous relationship. She also noted that Azawi acted it out well in the visuals.

“To think that Azawi wrote Bamututte about my previous relationship, and she legited acted it out well,” Jaylor partly wrote on Twitter.

Her revelation seems to have excited several of Azawi’s fans who must have rushed to rewatch the video on YouTube.

I’m not gonna lie, I did too – and you might want to!

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