Singer Chris Banina believes that for a marriage to be successful, a good relationship with your in-laws is a must.

The singer explained that when one gets into a relationship and take their love life to a serious stage of marriage, they should have a good mutual understanding with their parents.

He goes on to narrate that when a couple has a good mutual understanding with each other’s parents, it is always easy to approach them when they face any challenges.

In that case, the parents can always give support, advice, and counsel to the couple in hard times.

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“If you marry someone’s daughter, make sure you build a good relationship with her parents so that they can always give you support, love and understanding,” Chris Banina noted

He further tipped men to always keep their women close to them because women always get to understand and learn the ways of their husbands easier that way.

Keep your woman close because she is the one who knows you inside out. You have to keep her close and ensure that she doesn’t mix with other women because she will be tempted to spoil your reputation.

Chris Banina

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