Due to public demand, Bobi Wine and Nubian Li finally dropped the visuals of their trending song “Nteredde” after four years of waiting.

Within one day since its release, Bobi Wine and Nubian Li’s ‘Nteredde’ has already garnered over 142k views on YouTube.

There is a combination of factors that make Bobi Wine’s music trend but this particular one can be attributed to the influence of social media.

If you are a user of TikTok in Uganda, it’s almost impossible that you have not come across your favourite TikToker doing a challenge on this song.

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Recorded four years ago, Nteredde was a song that Bobi Wine did not really consider pushing intensively.

Infact, he only shared it to his close friends and somehow, one of them leaked it. Before he knew it, the song was already trending on TikTok.

Numerous challenges later, the song had become a banger and several of Bobi’s fans desired to watch a video by the Ghetto Gladiator.

As usual, Bobi put in the work and delivered. Shot by Edrine Paul, the vintage visuals were released on Saturday 16th July 2022.

Produced by Sir. Dan Magic, the song will surely get you shaking your body…it will nake you feel okay.

“We recorded this song 4 years ago and shared it with our close friends. Recently it started trending on TikTok, our fans demanded for a video and long story short, below is a link to it,” Bobi Wine.

Take a gaze at the video here: “Nteredde” – Bobi Wine feat. Nubian Li

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