The founder of Plus size Fashion Festival Africa, Doreen Namutebi becomes the first Ugandan-British woman to climb the highest mountain in UK, Ben Nevis.

Ben Nevis is the highest mountain in Scotland, the United Kingdom and the British Isles. The summit is 1,345 metres above sea level and is the highest land in any direction for 459 miles.

On Saturday 15th July 2022, Doreen Namutebi conquered Ben Nevis, becoming the first Ugandan-British woman to do so.

While speaking to MBU, Namutebi revealed that she left London for Scotland on Friday to participate in the organised challenge.

She managed to climb the mountain to its summit in just over 4 hours and descended for another 4 hours.

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“I headed to Scotland on a Friday morning with two of my friends from London to take part in the challenge which was provided and guided by Large Outdoors,” Namutebi revealed.

“The Ben Nevis mountain which is over 1,300 metres, I managed to reach the summit in 4.5 hours and 4 hours down,” she added.

She describes the experience as the best moment of the year so far as it was a mental and physical health goal that she set for herself.

“This has been one of the best moments of my 2022 so far. Not a bucket list but certainly a mental and physical health goal that I set for myself,” the happy Namutebi told MBU.

The founder of the FFEST that happens annually in Uganda noted that the challenge tested her “mental toughness and resilience” and showed how much she believed in herself.

“One thing I’ve learnt from this great challenge is that it doesn’t take physical strength to get up there and win but rather mental toughness and resilience. You’ve got to tell yourself that you can do it from the start to the end. It all starts from within, you believing in yourself,” she revealed.

She thanks Black Girls Hike UK for inspiring her to take part in this challenge.

I would like to shout-out to all the black girls who are hiking and most especially @bgh_uk on Instagram for being one of my inspirations for this challenge.

Part of my hiking experience was to challenge the negative narratives that black people have towards certain types of sports or outdoor activities being so white or that’s for white people.

If we as black people don’t take part in these sports then we won’t know what we can do or be good at. It all starts with us changing the narrative.

What change will you create tomorrow, what barriers will you break?

Doreen Namutebi

Namutebi now looks forward now looking for her next challenge and would like to try mountain Rwenzori in Uganda.

“I mean where do I go, from the highest mountain in the UK to what? I would like to do Rwenzori one day as it’s back home in Uganda,” she said.

About Doreen Namutebi

Doreen Namutebi a Business Mentor and Founder of Plus size Fashion Festival Africa (PFFEST) which occurs in Uganda annually.

PFFEST is a body positivity movement empowering curvy and plus-size women in Africa through fashion, hair, beauty, and makeup.

Namutebi notes that the festival has cemented itself as the ultimate women empowerment event on the continent.

It provides a safe space for women to connect, network, and learn by engaging in social and economic development matters.

Congratulations on your record Doreen!

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