A few months ago, social media was kept guessing on who sexually harassed singer Sheebah Karungi.

This was after Sheebah recorded a video of herself saying she was sexually harassed while in her car waiting to get on stage.

The issue, up to now has never been resolved by pointing fingers at whoever did that to the singer. While we all gave up on tha matter, Phillip Luswata is just getting to work.

Phillip Luswata who is an actor and playwriter was inspired by Sheebah’s story and came up with a stage play titled “Shame On Your Hands”.

According to Luswata, he has always thought that as a man, you should always be a man and see just how much your hand gets away within Kampala.

He recounts the incidence where her sister in Art, Miss Sheebah Karungi, had an entitled fan shove his hand up (or down) her skirt as she prepared to perform for him.

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The toughest action a woman, with so grand a stature such as Sheebah, could take was to present it honestly to the court of popular opinion, and no further.

Luswata questioned how many ‘hands’ are doing similar and worse things to so many less powerful girls and women out there and getting away with it in the same way.

It is the same way he was inspired to address the issue with the stage play “Shame On Your Hands”.
The play will first be staged in Gulu on August 12th at a venue yet to be communicated before staging it in Kampala at the National Theatre on August 19th, 20th and 21st.

The show will also be made available to high school students at a discounted fee and to target a wide range of their audience, the show will also be available in Luganda for the Luganda speaking audience.

Philip Luswata is an experienced arts development and interactive communications professional with over twenty years’ experience. He is the founder and director of the Theatre Factory at the National Theatre in Kampala.

He lectures in theatre and film at Makerere University and a highly rated and respected performer.

He is behind different plays and scripts on TV, Radio and stage such as The Campus (Writer, actor, director, co-producer) Center 4 (a Ugandan medical drama series-story liner, writer, actor) and Makutano Junction (a popular Kenyan TV series, writer, actor) and Kigenya-Agenya (a popular Luganda TV series) among others.

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