Gagamel Entertainment crew singer Allan Hendrik Ssali alias Paper Daddy has added visuals to his new single titled “Story ya Semanda”.

In his new jingo, Paper Daddy sings about a person wh he claims wastes his time puffing weed and disrespecting elders, attacking them for trying to advise him to change on his behaviors.

The lyrics to the song start off with Allan Hendrik elaborating how since childhood, Semanda was a headache to his parents.

He adds that going to school, bathing, and doing other home related duties was a tag of war for Semanda.

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Watching the video, there is a rasta who acts as Semanda. He looks like a drug addict and at one point he is seen trying ti eat raw beans.

He concludes his song saying everyone who mistreats his wife, denies pregnancy, plus all other related vices is a Semanda.

The video to the song was directed by Elly Workz. Take a gaze below:

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