On Monday, as rumors that Sandra Teta was beaten badly by Weasel intensified, she was at Plot 8 bar in Kololo with Jose Chameleone seemingly enjoying life.

The Allegations

On Thursday last week, photos made rounds on social media showing Sandra Teta in a bad state, with a disfigured face. Rumors then made rounds alleging that she had been beaten by her baby daddy Weasel Manizo.

It was alleged that the singer attacked the socialite at Nomads Bar in Bunga together with their kids and accused her of being negligent and not taking good care of them.

A video that was later released showed Weasel with their children at Nomads Bar and according to onlookers, the singer was bitter, shouting obscenities on top of his voice while accusing Sandra of cheating.

“No, Weasel Didn’t Beat Me” – Sandra Teta

Upon coming across the rumors, Sandra Teta through her social media pages revealed that her face was disfigured by goons, not Weasel.

Sandra Teta wrote saying that she was attacked by goons who beat her badly and took off with her valuables including Shs1.3m on Friday night.

“In reference to the pictures circulating on media, on my way from work on Friday night, I was attacked by unknown goons who fled with my phone, handbag, and 1.3M,” she partly wrote on Snapchat.

She further revealed that she has been undergoing treatment for the past week and that she is steadily recovering. “I have for the past one week been on treatment and I am steadily recovering,” Teta noted.

‘Sandra In Perfect Shape’

A video that is spreading like a wildfire on social media shows Sandra Teta dishing out money during MC Mariachi’s performance.

She appears to be in perfect shape, smiling and seemingly happy. Without a visible scratch on her, Sandra Teta wears her trademark smile, a sign that all is well – at least at that moment.

In another video shared on Jose Chameleone’s Snapchat account, she seems comfortable in the company of Weasel’s brother as they enjoy the night out.

Is she fine though?

Well, not quite, according to Jose Chameleone’s wife Daniella Atim Mayanja. On her Instagram account, the mother of five has been spilling the tea regarding a long domestic violence battle between Weasel and Sandra Teta.

On Monday, Daniella shared photos showing the scars that were left on Sandra Teta’s body after Weasel allegedly beat her up in December 2021.

“These are pictures of Sandra in December; Sandra needs all of our help, in any form. She needs all of us to raise our voices to help her with the first and most important thing, her confidence. Let’s all put our weight behind Sandra and help her walk this journey. Dear ladies, there is no better time to empower a fellow woman than now. All you self-proclaimed feminists, the time is now. Let’s Speak up, let Sandra’s voice be heard through ours. Sandra’s children deserve better,” Daniella wrote on Instagram.

Daniella further called out feminists to fight for Sandra Teta’s rights and help her get justice. She wrote, “Let’s push for the help Weasel needs, the justice Sandra deserves, and the safety the children are entitled to.”

Weasel Tight-lipped

In all this, Weasel Manizo has kept his mouth shut until today morning when he shared the video of Sandra Teta enjoying herself at Plot 8 on Facebook.

To the video, he added the caption, “My lovely Wife. Laba Baby Gwe. Love u baby.” He has also released his brand new song titled ‘Selector’.

Critics Have Their Say

A section of critics has already embarked on the narrative that it was an act of PR and that Weasel’s team is doing the most to cover up his tracks.

Daniella is also not convinced by the video of Sandra having a good time at Plot 8 bar. She believes it is all an act to “cover up.”

What is your say on this?

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