Next Radio and NBS TV presenter Flo Qitui has attacked Cindy Sanyu over the comments she made against Sheebah’s “indecent dressing.”

On the back of the Ministry of Education and Sports’ decision to ban secular performances from schools, lots of fingers pointed at Sheebah and Winnie Nwagi as the major culprits of erotic performances and indecent dressing at schools.

During an interview, Cindy Sanyu lashed out at her nemesis Sheebah questioning her professionalism and conduct around minors.

“When we’re performing in bars, we are performing for adults and it’s ok to dress the way we want but we have to change when performing in schools for young ones,” Cindy said when asked what she thought of Sheebah’s dress code at school concerts.

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“You don’t have to expose yourself to the young ones because they are not ready to mentally get what you feed them. I personally dress decently when performing for students. Let’s be professional and keep our trauma to ourselves,” she added.

Upon coming across Cindy’s remarks, the “Next Hit N Run” show host Qitui could not understand how Cindy would make such attacks towards Sheebah.

Qitui believes Cindy Sanyu has no moral authority to criticise Sheebah Karungi’s indecency because she is worse.

Through Twitter, Qitui said, “NOT CINDY… NOT CINDY…with her dances of buseegu talking bout Sheebah’s indecency! NOT CINDY!”

She further revealed how her clients have often rejected having the self-styled King Herself at their events because of her “classless indecency.”

“All my events clients reject Cindy for classless indecency…no dear, you’re in the same WhatsApp group, sit down,” she added.

Qitui’s reaction was welcomed by several of her fellow public figures including Sheilah Gashumba and Crysto Panda.

The topic of skimpy dressing and erotic performances seems a hot one that continues to create rifts within the industry.

Where do you stand on this?

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