Having dated both types of men, Ugandan comedienne Martha Kay Kagimba believes it is easier to deal with the heartbreak of leaving a stingy man than leaving a generous man.

Martha Kay has had a fair share of failed relationships but she has taken her lessons while at it.

On her journey to better relationships in the future, the comedienne cautions fellow women against falling for stingy men.

However, there is some good in loving a stingy man.

Ykee Benda and Martha Kay

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Through a tweet shared on her handle on Wednesday morning, Martha Kay hinted on how breaking up with a stingy man after dating is easy and won’t leave emotional scars.

Her tweet read, “Best part about dating a stingy man? When you break up, no material thing will remind you of him.”

She then turned to Instagram where she narrated how she has failed to get over the generous man she dated three years later yet it was easy to forget the stingy one.

“Life hack! I’ve dated one very generous man and one very stingy one. While I loved the stingy one more, I was able to get over him faster because there was literally nothing physical to make me remember him,” she said.

“The generous one tho! 3 years later, I can’t open my eyes in my house without thinking of him. So yeah do with this information what you may,” she added.

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