Many times that renowned singer, songwriter, music producer, and sound engineer Eddy Yawe has worked on joint music projects with female artists, he has been accused of a thing or two.

A rising female artist identified as Sumayiyah Sheebah has come out with fresh allegations pinning him of giving out her song titled “Kaloosa” to another female artist.

She explains that the two met back in 2017 in Copenhagen, Denmark to work out on a song together after being linked up by a close friend of hers.

They agreed on a few things that Sumayiyah claims to have met; including footing the studio bills, video shoot, feeding, and transportation, among other things while still in Denmark.

As time went by, however, Eddy Yawe requested that she flies to Uganda to oversee the mastering of the project, something that she claims to have agreed to and even paid extra expenses for.

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Sumayiyah was, however, later shocked when she found out that the song had been released by Eddy Yawe with a different female artist identified as TYBA.

She claims that little was changed from her original composition. She believes that Yawe took this decision when she declined to give in her body to him.

She mentioned that whenever he would call her, he would request coitus but she kept on hesitating to give in.

She adds that when she totally declined to succumb to Eddy Yawe’s pleas, he chose to give out the song to someone else.

Sumayiyah now wants a share of the royalties from the song because the released version has some of her backup vocals and composition.

She demands that she is rewarded for her efforts and calls upon young girls to always stand for what is right and not give in to sexual advances from musicians and promoters who promise them promotion and collaborations.

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