The long-dreadlocked horn-bearing charmer

Day two presented probably the most memorable spectacles so far. Even though my feet hurt and my chest tires from laughter, I am glad we are still up this late to describe how we endlessly trekked over 10km and even achieved our 15k footsteps goals.

Our plan was to cover the main three stages but surely the Bell Lager Mpola Enjoyment’s setup – just close to the steep cascade roaring Itanda Falls – stood out for the unique MCing acts and also raw Ugandan talent.

The compelling vibes that kept drawing everyone to the valley had us stuck there for the evening sunset time. From Radio and Weasel’s Nakudata to Azawi’s Slow Dancing, the fine execution of the opening acts drew memories of the pre-COVID pandemic concerts.

Earlier in the day, I spent most of the mid-morning and afternoon hours on the live feed we ran on the ever-growing MBU.Ug Instagram platform. It was refreshing to gather some of your kind compliments and appreciation for the work we do.

One of the revelers blows a whistle during enjoyment Credit: Bwette Photography

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Speaking to my newfound friend Georgina, an artist from the United Kingdom drew the perfect picture of why you may never find the Nyege Nyege experience anywhere else in the world. Connecting with people of different descent, race and colour headlined her WHY.

The fact that it hasn’t been as commercial as the festivals in the UK, founded on genuine African artistry, and the sights of the resplendent wild waters, kayakers, and rafters surpassed her previous experiences. How lucky Uganda tourism continues to be!

Probably one of the hilarious happenings of the day was how a mysterious traditional healer suddenly appeared in the crowd of revelers at the Mpola enjoyments stage.

Initially, what ran through my mind was the famous Jaaja Bujagali but his appearance only, making random stop-and-start mini-races while ringing an old bell created an extreme impression. He held a wooden baby and was accompanied by two assistants whose jobs were equally to instill as much fear in the onlookers.

One of the assistants that accompanied the “sorcerer” supreme Credit: Bwette Photography

At one moment, we witnessed several travelers falling off their pallets before the long-dreadlocked horn-bearing charmer engaged in a brutal chase with one of the seemingly frightened party-goers.

The distraction was strong enough that even the stage proceedings were halted as the group dethroned MC Vince Musisi to take a stand and scream bizarre chants, similar to those recited in ancient African Traditional Society.

As the chaos appeared to take longer than expected, the MC’s new harsh tone eventually catapulted them into exit mode just before the music resumed. The night eventually grew on with performances from several performers across the other stages.

Fans respond to thrilling performances at the Uganda Waragi stage

In summary, the day lived up to its billing, and even though one may assume this is probably all there was to offer, day three could even flip all as we witnessed more fleets of cars thronging the venue late on.

Stay with us as we prepare to bring you more on day three.

Josh Ruby is an Editor with high interest and knowledge in the Ugandan entertainment space, an industry he has been actively part of since 2010. Leads to breaking stories are welcome!

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