At last, Wakaliwood actor Earnest K. Sserunya is a free man following his release from custody ever since he was arrested last week.

Mr. Sserunya was arrested on Saturday morning at the Nyege Nyege festival that took place at Itanda falls in Jinja.

Security personnel got hold him over exhibiting fictional wounds without informing the police which was on duty.

His acting scene that he concluded at the Red Cross tent took Police and the first aid team at the tent by surprise as they looked scared and stranded.

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Upon release, Sserunya noted that his act was to see how Police amd Red Cross would react in helping someone who would get injured at the festival.

“I wanted to check the Police and Red Cross’ reaction and how they could help someone who is a danger similar to how I had acted. They charged me a case of impersonating myself,” he said.

He commended the lady in the viral video who joined in on the act through weeping to make the scene appear more real.

“The lady you see in the video was just a good samaritan because we don’t act with her. I take her as a hero. We met her after we had made a stroll pretending to look for help,” Sserunya further noted.

On not informing the Police about his act, Sserunya said that it wouldn’t have been a successful stunt if he had informed security prior.

“The truth is, If I had informed the police earlier before acting, I wouldn’t have got what I wanted because they would be aware of what I was going to do.”

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