In their new song ‘Njagala Money’, Kataleya and Kandle emphasize money as a key aspect to consider when choosing a man for a relationship.

C’mon, guy wange alina sente. Why would I go for a guy atalina sente nawe?” questions Kataleya during the Saloon scene in the video of their new song titled “Njagala Money”.

In the chorus, they sing, “Njagala money, njagala money okusinga gwe,” sending a clear message to whoever might want to shoot their shots at them.

The new track is a clear manifestation that girls want money and often prefer dating guys who invest heavily in the relationship.

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In the video directed by Taher Visuals and Eazy Cuts, Kataleya and Kandle showcase their acting skills, something that has become a necessity in many artists’ lives.

They try to elaborate more on what is embedded in the lyrics, sticking to the director’s script and they played it to perfection as, for a moment, it felt really natural.

Whether they mean what they are singing about or it is only a case of artistry is an answer only time will help us answer.

Looking at the duo’s past videos, it is clear to see that they emphasize fashion as a key aspect of their branding and they did not disappoint in this piece.

Take a gaze below:

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