Recently, rising singer Sumayiyah Sheebah grabbed headlines when she publicly accused veteran musician, songwriter, and producer Eddy Yawe of sexually harassing her.

Sumayiyah Sheebah raised the complaints after discovering that a song that she had recorded with Eddy Yawe had been given to someone else.

Her attempts to contact Eddy Yawe about why he had given out her song to another female artist were fruitless as she couldn’t reach him.

As a way to vent her frustrations, she stormed different media outlets narrating how Eddy Yawe gave out her song to another artist because she declined to give in her body.

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She thereafter lamented requesting Eddy Yawe pay back some of the money she had invested into the project.

She also asked that she is accorded some rights and loyalties of the song reasoning that she owns part of them.

When Carol Nantongo was asked to comment on the allegations, she stressed that no female accuses a male musician of sexual harassment falsely.

She noted that it is as well unwise to rush to the public claiming how you were sexually harassed because how you handle the issue also matters.

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  1. All this RAISES Questions about UMA management, what the hell is Cindy’s work/ to hell! And what about hiring a Lawyer to help Sumayiyah??

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