Musician and Songwriter Maurice Kirya sparked rage amongst his followers and those of singer Lydia Jazmine when he went public and revealed that he doesn’t know any of the latter’s songs.

During an interview with Galaxy FM, Maurice Kirya claimed that he only knows Lydia Jazmine because of the several photos she shares across her social media accounts despite having been an active musician for the past eight years.

Maurice Kirya’s comments rubbed many of Lydia Jazmine’s fans the wrong way.

Some went up in arms with him as led by NBS TV UnCut presenter Isaac Kawalya Kaiyz who mocked Kirya’s previous stand on standing as UMA president.

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The King of Soul music has, however, cleared the air about his statements by noting he did not mean to trash Lydia Jazmine’s efforts in her music career stating she is his close friend.

He went ahead to maintain that he doesn’t know her music but always compliments her beauty and noted that it is very okay and normal for someone to be somebody’s fan without knowing their music.

He gave an example of himself and how he has fans who love him yet they don’t know any single song from him.

True, I don’t Lydia Jazmine’s songs. But she is a very good friend of mine. I always tell her she is beautiful and gorgeous and I tell it to her all the time because she is my friend.

Some people might have thought that I was just trying to trash her but that wasn’t the case. It is common and normal for people to know you and don’t know your music or songs.

I also have fans who love my music and come to my concerts yet they don’t my songs. Some can become your fans just because the way you conduct yourself.

Maurice Kirya

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  1. Never knew Kirya is, but such a “FUULU” I ALSO HAVE FANS WHO LOVE MY MUSIC AND COME TO MY CONCERTS YET THEY DON’T KNOW MY SINGS, really, ekyo kijja kitya mwami Girya??

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