Singer Eddy Yawe has disclosed that he does not charge any fee to hook up anyone on a music collabo as some critics claim.

He was clear as he stated that he only needs someone to have good vocal abilities that can match or be better than his to work with them.

He explained that when someone doesn’t have vocal abilities, he tries to teach them, and when they fail to catch up that is always the end of their collaboration because he cannot work with someone who struggles to make his work appear bad.

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Eddy Yawe narrated that the reason why he does not charge to collaborate with anyone is that he wants to help as many artists as possible since God blessed him with a talent that is priceless and free.

Using it in a positive way by helping others is the only way he believes the people surrounding him can maximumly benefit from it.

I don’t charge money to collaborate with anyone and nobody should lie to you about that. The only thing I need is one’s voice to be at the top-notch level that I want.

For every artist that I work with, I just help them because God blessed them with a free talent.

Eddy Yawe
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