After a couple of weeks, renowned fashion guru Abryanz regained access to his Facebook and Instagram accounts that had been compromised by a hacker.

For weeks, Abryanz Collections CEO Brian Ahumuza has been out of touch with his hugely followed Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Information gathered reveals that the accounts were suspended by Meta over violation of Community Standards, very much to the shock of the celebrated fashion guru.

It was only later discovered that a malicious hacker had accessed control of the accounts and shared content which goes against Meta’s policies.

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While speaking to, Abryanz revealed that he has always been cautious of what he shares on his pages and he makes sure it settles well with the community standards.

When the pages were suspended, Abryanz got in touch with a couple of tech gurus who helped him regain control of his accounts.

Over the weekend, the ASFAs boss revealed having regained access to his accounts and thanked the people that helped him contact Meta.

He noted how hard it was to recover the pages and how stressful it has been for him to even think that he was about to permanently lose the accounts that he has built for several years.

Hey guys, happy to inform you that I’m back on the meta verse. My Facebook and Instagram pages have been down for a week because someone hacked into my accounts posted shit and got Facebook delete them for violating terms.

This is not new as every year around ASFAs, hackers always try to get into my pages. Been dealing with this on low key, but I reached out to various people who were all very very supportive. A Special thanks for y’all’s help.

Secondly, this serves as a warning to every one, be vigilant of the links and emails you open. Don’t click on anything suspicious, from anyone you don’t know!

They say social media causes depression but mine was coming from not having access to my accounts. Anyway, I know you missed me, I’m back, moods are high, content is pilled and ASFAs are still on, I’m ready!


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