At last, renowned Ugandan model and philanthropist Doreen Kabareebe has unveiled the lucky man who took her off the Singles shelf.

Being a public figure, Doreen Kabareebe is quite an open book especially because of her outspoken personality.

Her body, her thoughts, her lifestyle, pretty much everything about her is out there for everyone to see and she loves it that way.

Her love life, however, has been the one thing she has kept a tight lid on and has often left people guessing who the lucky man in her life is.

Doreen Kabareebe in the USA where she has been living since August (Credits: MWI 2022)

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“If I find the right man, why wouldn’t I settle? You will definitely tell when I get a man,” she told in an interview a few years ago

Perhaps, the signs that she finally got a man have not been so easy to see for most until today morning when she decided to reveal her relationship status.

Via Twitter, the 31-year-old model revealed that she is not single anymore in a caption attached to a photo of herself and her man.

The love for privacy had her covering the gentleman’s face in the picture which she captioned, “So you thought I was single? Might delete later.”

She later deleted the tweet but well, the message had already been passed on and we are aware that he is not a Ugandan man.

We have also been tipped that her relationship is the reason she travelled to the USA where she has been living for a couple of months now.

Congratulations Doreen!

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