Zari Hassan is not ready to be described as “clingy” by netizens who have severally called her out for acting very “controlling” around her boyfriend Shakib Lutaaya.

At 42 years old, Zari Hassan has been through a marriage and several relationships already. She definitely knows what she wants in a man.

Does she come off as obsessed, clingy, and controlling around her 30-year-old boyfriend Shakib though? Netizens believe so.

The increased online criticism has gotten to Zari’s head and she is not holding back as she tries to defend her position and behavior.

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The mother of five wonders why people are so bothered by her private relationship with her lover. She also denies being clingy but states she is only being a loving girlfriend.

“B**ches, I’m not a clingy girlfriend, that’s just girlfriend behavior! That’s just pure girlfriend behavior. And why are you catching feelings if I’m all over my man, not your man, my man? Why are you all b**ches catching feelings?” she says in a video.

She then goes ahead to throw jabs at her critics saying they cannot relate to the love she is receiving as they are living miserable lives, trying to catch somebody else’s man, unlike her.

She then reassures them that she will always do whatever she wants around her man as long as he is okay with it and they will keep falling in love.

“That is my man. I’m going to be clingy, I’m going to be drunk, I’m going to fall in love left and right, as much as I want to. I’m going to do everything that I need. It’s just girlfriend behavior.”

Oh well, let her be!

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