Gossip making rounds on different media platforms indicates that former Da Nu Eagles singer Sasha Brighton’s relationship with her secret lover could have hit a hard rock.

The developments coming through are based on a voice note suspected to belong to Sasha Brighton that has gone viral on social media.

A few years back, Sasha Brighton broke up with Herbert Shonga on unknown grounds and she got hooked to a new man who she has since kept out of the limelight.

The pair went ahead and welcomed a child together earlier this year in April although the pregnancy was being linked to Crysto Panda.

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Based on the audio that was leaked on Tuesday morning, a woman who is believed to be Sasha Brighton can be heard sobbing as she describes how her boyfriend switched up on her.

She explains that going into the relationship, her secret lover asked her to quit music as he promised to take full care of all her needs, something she says she did.

Later on in the relationship, however, he reportedly abandoned all his responsibilities and stopped returning her calls and replying to her texts.

Sasha further stresses that she is choking on debts and rent arrears since she has no money because she was stopped from doing music and performing at concerts.

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