For USD500,000, Ugandan socialite Latifah Shanitah Namuyimbwa a.k.a Bad Black would sell one of her kidneys.

The issue of harvesting and trading in body organs has been a center of discussion in Uganda with some locals even joking about the possible financial value of selling one of their kidneys.

Renowned socialite and former sex worker Bad Black is hesitant to sell her organ because she fears that one kidney cannot sustain her to live as long as she would have wanted.

The usually controversial socialite would also love to continue drinking alcohol and she believes one kidney cannot ably support her lifestyle.

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“If I sold one of my kidneys, I think I would have to stop drinking alcohol. I still enjoy taking alcohol,” she said before adding, “I also fear dying. My children are still very young.”

She, however, would put all her fears to bed and sell off one of her kidneys if one put USD500,000 on the table.

“If I am pushed to the wall and I must sell it, USD500,000 wouldn’t be a bad price. Mine is a lucky kidney, whoever would get it would be blessed to have a part of me,” Bad Black noted during an interview with MC Ibrah Mukasa.

She maintained that the least she would sell a kidney for is USD450,000 because she just cannot let part of her go away cheaply.

I selling a kidney legal?

It should be noted that the World Health Organisation prohibits the purchase of kidneys and organs in general, however, this regulation does not prohibit the recipient of a kidney from giving the donor money either as a token of appreciation or as compensation for any expenses incurred in the process of donating.

There are regulations developed by the World Health Organisation (WHO) that govern the donation of organs including kidneys. 

  1. One of them requires that kidney donors must be healthy, both mentally and physically. This means one should not have a chronic illness at the time of donation for example HIV, Hypertension, or Diabetes.
  2. The donor must also be an adult (over 18 years old).
  3. There must also be informed consent which means that the donor must totally understand the risks involved, and the possible implications and agree to all this in a signed document.

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