In the new Nile Special ‘Cranes Kabbo’ campaign for Uganda Cranes, Denis Onyango calls upon Ugandans to rally behind the national football team’s dreams of achieving qualification for the 2026 World Cup.

“Over the years, we’ve dreamed to get onto the world stage. We’ve had that dream crushed. We’ve witnessed a total defeat of what would have been our greatest moment. We’ve felt our spirits go up only to take a hard fall. We’ve had our fires burn out and leave only scars. We’ve ceased the win and had it pulled from our grasp. We’ve seen pain and we’ve seen loss of the last fragments of hope, BUT, we are made of resilience and resilience never stops dreaming. So we will dream even bigger with the Cranes Kabbo 2026. Together, let’s take Uganda to the next FIFA World Cup!” – Denis Onyango


A shadow appears in the foreground of a projected footage of a football match. An overhead light is cast onto the shadow and sitting on a long stool is former Uganda Cranes goalkeeper and captain Denis Onyango who starts to narrate dreams and near misses.

“Over the years, we have dreamt to get to the world stage. We have had that dream crashed,” he narrates.

He walks into a dark room with neon lights where his narration continues but on vintage TVs and picks a bottle of Nile Special from a crate and on the screens is his classic save against Mohammed Salah as he pops off the crown.

At this point, it becomes apparent that the ad has something to do with Nile Special and Uganda Cranes.

Onyango then pours the beer into a glass and takes a sip. “…but we are made of resilience and resilience never stops dreaming. So, we will dream even bigger with the Cranes Kabbo 2026. Together let’s take Uganda Cranes to the next FIFA World Cup,” he says.

And now the purpose of the ad is clear and complete.

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About ‘Cranes Kabbo’

Nile Special’s ambitious Uganda Cranes campaign dubbed Kabbo Campaign seeks to rally countrywide support for the team targeting qualification for the FIFA World Cup 2026 in North America.

Unpacking the campaign on 18th November, it was revealed that Nile Breweries is part of the global Ab-Inbev family, a sponsor of the Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022 under the brand Budweiser.

But locally Nile Special has taken on the mantle of the official beer of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 earning the rights to activate the World Cup through various campaigns and engagements.

Majok Amou, NBL Marketing Head, said that the Kabbo campaign provides a platform for Ugandans to tangibly support the Uganda Cranes.

“The campaign is called the Cranes Kabbo. It borrows from our virtue as a highly communal society that always and willingly renders a hand whenever called upon for a worthy cause. We are always there for each other in both the good and challenging times,” Amou said.

How to participate in the campaign

All one has to do is buy a Nile Special. For every Nile Special beer bought, 50/= will be added to a Cranes fund.

The Kabbo fund will be utilized to incentivize the players in various ways. But JP Ssemakula, NBL Connections Manager, clarified that the campaign is not premised on the thought that they are lacking in any way but rather on the belief that when we stand together we can achieve more.

The fund will be run and managed by Nile Breweries. Periodically, Nile Special will give updates on the progress of the fund through the various brand-owned digital platforms and mainstream media channels.


  • Film Director: Kenny Mumba
  • Production Co: Moving ADs Uganda
  • Executive Producers: Daniel Schlachter
  • Director Of Photography: Oftense Godwin
  • Producer Production: Tuhirwe Ronald
  • Wardrobe: Mahoro Esther

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