Big Talent Entertainment singer Edrisa Musuuza, popularly known as Eddy Kenzo, has shared his opinion about a time when the King of Soul music, Maurice Kirya claimed not to know any of Lydia Jazmine’s music.

In October, Maurice Kirya sparked a huge debate online after he said he does not know any of Lydia Jazmine’s new music.

He went ahead to state that he only knows Lydia Jazmine because of the several photos she shares across her social media accounts despite having been an active musician for the past eight years.

His statements got Lydia Jazmine’s fans bitter and he found himself being bashed with some individuals describing him as “a fake friend”.

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Among the people who were not pleased with Maurice Kirya’s claims is the 2023 Grammy awards nominee Eddy Kenzo who says he was hurt and offended by the statements.

Eddy Kenzo went ahead to liken Maurice Kirya to a person who wanted to act like a “cool uptown kid” who doesn’t know anything on the ground.

 Maurice Kirya wanted to act like a cool kid that doesn’t know anything on ground. I was very offended when he said that he didn’t know any of Lydia Jazmine’s music.

Eddy Kenzo

In another clip he shared on his socials, Maurice Kirya said that he did not mean to trash Lydia Jazmine’s music career stating they are close friends.

He maintained that he does not know her music but always compliments her beauty and noted that it is very okay and normal for someone to be somebody’s fan without knowing their music.

When Lydia Jazmine was interviewed about the same issue, she asserted that she and Maurice Kirya know each other for music and on a personal basis.

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