NBS TV presenter Zahara Totto has lashed out at Starqt Awards CEO Stella Nankya and her management labeling them “unprofessional” after having a disagreement.

Zahara Totto’s fallout with Stella and the whole Starqt Awards crew is reportedly said to have stemmed from the organizer’s failure to refund Zahara Totto’s air ticket fares that she demanded.

Zahara Totto demanded her air ticket fares refunded on grounds that she had financed her own transport fares to South Africa to perform at a certain show before heading for the Starqt Awards function hoping that her money would be refunded.

However, that was not the case with Stella who did not believe her claims. This got Zahara Totto fuming and was later scrapped off the events host list.

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She then took to her socials to call out the organizers accusing them of poor management and communication skills.

She also noted that they lacked funds to foot her payment and that of other artists who were scheduled to perform on the night.

Apologies to all my South African fans. I won’t be hosting the Starqt Awards. It is canceled DUE TO FRAUD, LACK OF FUNDS TO PAY ME AND THE ARTISTS, POOR MANAGEMENT, LACK OF EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE, UNPROFESSIONALISM, POOR COMMUNICATION from the whole management of Starqt Awards especially Stella Starqt .

If you paid your money expecting to be entertained, red carpet experience, get your interviews done by me kindly attend at your own risk.

Zahara Totto

It is also reported that Mikie Wine failed to perform at the same event after his deejay was barred from accessing the decks as he was about to get onto the stage to entertain his fans.

Among the three entertainers who had been hired to perform at this year’s Starqt Awards event, only Vinka has not expressed dissatisfaction with the organizers.

This is not the first time Stella Nankya’s name is being dragged into controversies with Ugandan artists. In 2020 she had a burst up with Spice Diana.

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