Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) president Cinderella Sanyu Okuyo alias Cindy Sanyu wants the penalties on the copyright law to be toughened.

The mother of two states that although the copyright law was passed and the amendments co-currently took shape spear-headed by Hon. Hillary Kiyaga a.k.a Dr. Hilderman, the consequences that those who violate the law are made to face are still too weak.

She reasons that if an artist delivers a music album on the market after incurring several costs and it is used by someone illegally, the violator when dragged to court ends up paying a small fee to the artist compared to what they invested in the project which is unfair.

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She finds such penalties lacking and she is doing whatever is possible in order for them to be toughened so that the content creators can profit massively from their works.

Cindy Sanyu, however, adds that the law will affect rising artists because it will be hard for them to convince fans to buy their music.

She wants to meet the president of the country so that these details can be explained to him face-to-face.

She noted that some individuals fear the law being implemented because they will be kicked out of the music business.

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