Former presidential press secretary Tamale Mirundi is an ardent fan of the Ugandan music industry but who makes the cut on his list of favorite artists and songs?

Joseph Tamale Mirundi is a Ugandan journalist, author, and political analyst who appears on the STV political show ‘Sharp Talk with Tamale Mirundi’.

He has previously appeared on NBS Television on the One on One show. Earlier this year, Tamale opened up an online newspaper where he publishes news and information named Kab News.

His deep connections in the entertainment industry have made him famous and he has recently attended a couple of music concerts as a special invited guest.

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While speaking to Spark TV, Mirundi revealed that he used to love Spice Diana and Ronald Mayinja but the controversies surrounding their careers have made them less popular in his ranks.

He, however, has the utmost respect for the likes of Eddy Kenzo, David Lutalo, Geoffrey Lutaaya, and Mesach Ssemakula whose music he enjoys listening to because of the meaning embedded in the lyrics.

“(David) Lutalo, and (Eddy) Kenzo are my people. I used to love (Ronald) Mayinja as well but I stopped because of his indecisiveness. I also like (Geoffrey) Lutaaya and Mesach (Ssemakula). Mesach’s songs always have meaningful lyrics,” Mirundi said.

“When we go to the vulgar songs, I like Gravity Omutujju and Spice Diana but when a boy was allegedly murdered at her house, I lost love for her. I used to like her song Bajikona. It’s a good song,” he added.

Tamale Mirundi then further commented on the lavish lives that local artists live and how it is hard for them to attain lasting wealth.

They live luxurious lives. They wear expensive clothes but they are broke so there is not much they can achieve in their lives. An artist can spend over Shs50m on one song.

They raised the bar so high and it’s hard to live up to the expectations they set. But I don’t blame them.

Look at Nina Roz, she is not the greatest of singers but men love how she dresses, the same for Sheebah.

Tamale Mirundi
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