During the ‘Late Nights With JK’ show, NBS TV presenter JK Kazoora said that singer Alexander Bagonza, popularly known as A Pass is not good at performing live.

“There is a problem that many musicians are experiencing. For instance, when A Pass released a fantastic album, everyone was curious about who he was, but when it came to performing live, people began to discover that he can’t,” JK Kazoora is quoted to have said.

“He spent a lot of time writing and recording excellent music, which he couldn’t perform live,” he added.

Upon coming across Kazoora’s comments, A Pass shared a video of him performing at a recent Swangz Avenue concert and left the caption, “I think he is doing well on stage.”

JK Kazoora

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He was backed by renowned Videojockey VJ Junior who maintained that A Pass is doing a kind of music that no other Ugandan musician is doing while still being financially stable through other sources of income.

He questioned if Kazoora prefers having an artist who can achieve success musically without even stepping on stage or one that cannot sustain their life without stepping on stage.

He then requested A Pass to teach his fellow artists how to create other sources of income and not have to rely on stage performances for survival.

VJ Junior

Dont want JK Kazoora to take me out of context on this but I wanted just to defend A Pass on why maybe he chose to perform less and produce more seraphic and cherubic type of music which arguably no other musician in Uganda is doing.

A Pass reminds me of Harry Nilsson who was often thought to be the American equivalent of The Beatles, and he and John Lennon were even friends. Unlike The Beatles, however, Nilsson never performed publicly.

Despite this, he still achieved commercial success in the ’60s and early ’70s, even winning a Grammy for his version of the song “Everybody’s Talkin'” for the soundtrack to Midnight Cowboy.

Now, JK Kazoora what would you prefer; an artist who can get successful even without stepping on stage or one who cant eat minus getting on stage?

Covid 19 was an eye opener for our musicians who ddnt have any other source of income but to wait till when the economy was reopened. We all saw how desparate they got. How about when we open a honest conversation to teach them on how to become A Pass?

And if I’m to be honest, A Pass inspired me to co-associate with partners to make an online platform for movies called Muno Watch and I no longer have to rely on performance shows. We should give that boy credit and task him to teach his peers.

VJ Junior

Josh Ruby is an Editor with high interest and knowledge in the Ugandan entertainment space, an industry he has been actively part of since 2010. Leads to breaking stories are welcome!

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  1. #Apass lives in his own life as a musician, and he doesn’t only depend on, so having a side income and not depending on stages performances, i think it’s a choice.
    He has a fantastic voice more than most of the artists here. Bravo Bagonza wama 👏

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