Singer Sheebah Samali Karungi hopes to give birth to babies at some point in the future but she resists being pressured into it by her fans.

The former TNS singer made her point clear stressing how she is fed up with questions that are always sent her way about when is she is planning on giving birth.

Sheebah said that she would like to have children of her own but she feels it is not the right time yet to have them.

Yes, I love kids and I hope to have my own babies in future but at my own timing and rather not due to the world’s pressure.

Sheebah Karungi

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A few weeks back, Sheebah who is known for championing woman emancipation said that the day she will flaunt a “husband”, she will have been held at gunpoint.

During the same interview, Sheebah explained how she is tired of explaining her dress code to people and that anyone who still has a problem with it should find a way to deal with it.

I am tired of explaining my dress code to people who I even don’t know but at this point, if you still have a problem with my fashion, that is your problem, not mine.


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  1. Single at yo age simply mean you are FLAWED, kiki ekigaanye, unless you are a Lesbo as they tell us! In any case, ssi ggwe ali so Beautiful as you may think,ate n’emyaka gattako ekizigo, feesi eggwawo!

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